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Iodine is an essential mineral that is necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, and the development of the brain and nervous system, it is also involved in immunity and has many other functions. During pregnancy, it is especially important to prevent its deficiency, because if sufficient iodine is not available during this critical period of life, it can cause permanent damage to the development of the fetus. As a result of iodine deficiency, children's growth can slow down and their intelligence can decrease.

Plant sources

Seaweeds 1500-300000 mcg

Animal sources

Cod 300 mcg
Oysters 125 mcg
Yogurt 85 mcg
Milk 60 mcg
Eggs 20 mcg



One of the biggest dangers of iodine deficiency is that it can cause permanent damage to the physical and mental development of children due to reduced thyroid function, the most serious form of iodine deficiency is cretinism. Based on several meta-analyses, it can be stated that even a mild lack of iodine can significantly reduce the intelligence level of children, so its replacement is important, especially during pregnancy.

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