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Molybdenum is an essential trace element required for the production of various enzymes. Without them, certain harmful substances would accumulate in our blood, causing serious problems. Like other trace elements, the molybdenum content of food is largely determined by the mineral content of the soil.

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Plant sources

Black beans 350 mcg
Peanuts 35 mcg
Spinach 16 mcg
Potato 13 mcg
Banana 9 mcg

Animal sources

Beef liver 130 mcg
Cheddar cheese 24 mcg
Yogurt 20 mcg
Chicken 13 mcg
Beef 12 mcg

Molybdenum is necessary for the functioning of several enzymes that perform various tasks in our metabolism. These enzymes prevent certain molecules from accumulating in our blood and convert them into other, safer substances.

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