Matthew Messer

Matthew Messer


More and more research proves that vitamin K is crucial for the health of the cardiovascular system, as it helps prevent the buildup of calcium deposits in veins. To gain this benefit, however, much more vitamin K is necessary than the currently recommended dietary intake. When the recommended dietary intake was being defined, only its effect on blood clotting was taken into consideration. 

Based on the results of a study published in 2021  comprising 50000 Danish citizens, for those who ingested the most vitamin K1 the incidence of cardiovascular diseases was 21% lower. High vitamin K2 intake resulted in a 14% decrease in risk.  

This observational study shows that the common misconceptions that vitamin K1 only has anticoagulant effects and that vitamin K2 alone is responsible for positive changes in the cardiovascular system are both untrue. Higher intake of vitamin K1 more significantly decreased the risk of every cardiovascular disease than vitamin K2, especially peripheral vascular diseases caused by arteriosclerosis: vitamin K1 decreased the risk by 34% compared to vitamin K2’s 16%. 

When ingested properly, vitamin K1 can transform into vitamin K2 in the body and become a vastly superior source of vitamin K2 than any external source of supplementation. Foods that are considered to be the best sources of vitamin K2 generally either contain low quantities or the wrong form of the vitamin. 

In order for vitamin K1 to provide its beneficial effects, at least 500 mcg per day is necessary, but there may be additional benefits of consuming 1-5 mg.


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