Matthew Messer

Matthew Messer


When healthy bones are mentioned, most people will think of calcium, as its benefits have been highlighted for decades. While calcium is indeed important for bone health, calcium deficiency is relatively rare if one’s vitamin D levels are adequate. nother mineral substance, however, is much more often lacking magnesium, which not nearly enough people ingest, according to surveys.

A systematic review published in 2022 summarized the findings of studies about magnesium intake with regards to the bones of the elderly. After analyzing the data of 787 participants altogether, researchers concluded that people with higher magnesium intake had better bone density in their hips and femurs. As we age, keeping our bones strong becomes more and more important, especially in these critical areas, where fractures are the most common.

Encouraged by the promising results, researchers will continue to study the link between magnesium supplementation and bone density. In the meanwhile, by increasing our magnesium intake we won’t only benefit from its multiple beneficial effects, but likely strengthen our bones as well.

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