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Potassium is an essential mineral that performs countless important tasks in our body. Similar to other electrolytes, potassium is also necessary to maintain fluid balance, which is one of the pillars of our health. It is essential for both muscle contractions and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Higher intakes can reduce blood pressure and the risk of many diseases.

Plant sources

Dried Apricot 1900 mg / 100 g
Dark Chocolate 830 mg / 100 g
Dates 696 mg / 100 g
White Beans 561 mg / 100 g
Spinach 558 mg / 100 g
Avocado 485 mg / 100 g
Sweet Potato 475 mg / 100 g
Potato 450 mg / 100 g
Banana 360 mg / 100 g

Animal sources

Cod 516 mg / 100 g
Pork chops 460 mg / 100 g
Beef 330 mg / 100 g
Chicken 230 mg / 100 g
Yogurt 200 mg / 100 g

A higher potassium intake is protective against several diseases. One of its most important properties is that it can significantly lower blood pressure. It can also improve blood sugar control, as potassium is needed for insulin production, and a lesser-known property is that it can help keep bones strong, preventing osteoporosis in old age.