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Vitamin D is perhaps the most important micronutrient that everyone should know about. Its deficiency affects many people and is one of the main causes of several chronic diseases. It is produced in our skin under the influence of sunlight, but thanks to our modern lifestyle, this is very rarely enough to achieve the appropriate vitamin D level.

Plant sources

Portobello 1135 NE / 100 g
Champignon 1046 NE / 100 g

Animal sources

Smoked salmon 685 NE / 100 g
Mackerel 643 NE / 100 g
Tuna 227 NE / 100 g
Yolk 218 NE / 100 g
Herring 214 NE / 100 g
Sardinia 193 NE / 100 g
Tilapia 150 NE / 100 g
Pork Ribs 104 NE / 100 g



Several studies have found that higher levels of vitamin D significantly reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular problems, and type I and type II diabetes, and together with calcium and vitamin K, it increases bone density. 

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